Pain to Power

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A Story with a Twist...

Hey, I’m Octophina!


I’ve been smell-blind since I was a toddler. I’ve had an eating disorder and body dysmorphia since I was 15 when someone I loved tried to take his own life. I’ve experienced multiple episodes of major depression since my early 20s. I suffered a miscarriage and lost a loved one to cancer.


After getting to the edge of suicide in 2021, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and bipolar disorder in my early 30s.


But this isn’t a sad story. It’s an unusual modern fairy tale. 

Being creative empowers me to re-sculpt my identity, re-design my reality, and re-write my story.

In addition to being what today’s standards define as “mentally ill,” I’m also a trained journalist, smell-blind food designer and stylist with over a decade of experience in the international food space, certified Mind Body Eating coach by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, TEDx speaker, and Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneur.


I make bold and thought-provoking physical and NFT art to tell important stories about the messy experience of being human, navigating life challenges, and turning pain into power. 


I teach creative skills for self-empowerment, which help people of all ages look better, feel better, and live better. 

My Toolkit for Self-empowerment

From Pain to Power: 12 Tactical Steps for Navigating Challenges

1.  Face reality & brace for impact.

2. Raise your head & get help.

3. Exit autopilot mode & make a choice.

4. Escape the victim mindset & own your story.

5. Flip the challenge & view it as an opportunity.

6. Refresh your attitude & update your beliefs.

7. Embrace the lesson & integrate your learning.

8. Expect setbacks & be kind to yourself.

9. Find what feels good & lean into it.

10. Reconnect with your inner child & have fun.

11. Experiment & follow your instincts.

12.Embrace the uncertainty & trust the process.

Creative Explorations & Empowering Art

Pain to Power

A collection of 19 original stream-of-consciousness psychedelic doodles created with markers on paper. 

Available as 1 of 1 NFTs and framed physical drawings.

Creation Dates: November – December 2021.
Creation Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Dimensions: 15×21 cm (without frame).



A collection of 31 original stream-of-consciousness psychedelic artworks created with markers on paper. 

Available as 1 of 1 NFTs and framed physical drawings.


Creation Dates: October 2021 – March 2022.

Creation Locations: Bulgaria (Sofia, Pleven, Blagoevgrad)

Dimensions: make an inquiry about a specific artwork.

Reclaiming Sensuality

A visual story about healing body image, self-empowerment, and reclaiming the right to enjoy my body.

Available as 1 of 1 NFTs and on-demand prints.

Creation Date: May 2022.
Creation Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

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