Pain to Power

Re-sculpt your identity. Re-design your reality. Re-write your story.

My Story

Hey, I’m Octophina!


I’ve been smell-blind since I was a toddler. I’ve had an eating disorder and body dysmorphia since I was 15. I’ve experienced multiple episodes of major depression since my early 20s. I grew up with an alcoholic suicidal father, suffered a miscarriage, and lost a loved one to cancer. After getting to the edge of suicide, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and bipolar disorder in my early 30s.


But this isn’t my story.

Choosing courage over comfort, curiosity over certainty, and creativity over conformity is how I turn my pain into power.

My Toolkit for Self-empowerment



My favorite tool for inner exploration, self-discovery, and processing difficult emotions.



My favorite practices to nurture my body and nourish my mind.



My philosophy for navigating adversity and thriving in uncertainty inspired by the octopus.

Re-sculpt your identity. Re-design your reality. Re-write your story.

My history is not my life story. I’m not a victim. I’m an alchemist. My life has taught me to view curses as blessings in disguise, use challenges as catalysts for growth, and turn my pain into power.


I spent my 20s as a self-abusive overachiever, built a successful corporate career in IT, and bootstrapped a social enterprise. But after burning out several times and contemplating suicide repeatedly, I realized that winning other people’s races will always keep me a loser. So, I stepped away from everything I’d built and embraced art, self-care, and the NFT technology as my path to self-empowerment, inner healing, and growth.


I chose to re-sculpt my identity, re-design my reality, and re-write my story. Today I’m an abstract artist, mental health educator, and certified Mind Body Eating coach. I’m also a trained journalist, TEDx speaker, Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneur, and internationally renowned food designer with over 10 years of experience.



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