Creative Play Workshops for Individuals & Groups

Relax the mind. Reduce the stress. Reconnect with the child within.

What is Creative Play?

A 90-minute workshop for building self-care habits & healthy stress-management skills through creative play.

Experience a different creative adventure every time

Participants come together online or offline. The workshops are great for wellness initiatives, team buildings, improving morale, and cultivating self-care habits.


People get access to creative techniques, supplies, props, and resources they can use during the workshop.


And then – it’s time to play!

How does it work?

Each workshop is open-ended, unique, and created by the participants in real time. There are guidelines and good practices, but no strict rules. The workshops are facilitated by Sophie Yotova aka Octophina – the author of the Creative Play concept, who helps participants learn how to awaken and channel their creativity into self-care rituals and empowering stress-management practices.

Workshop outcomes

Creative Play Helps Us Navigate Modern Human Challenges


Participants in online workshops get access to downloadable resources, video tutorials, and other digital goodies to play with, such as printable coloring books for stressful times and restless minds.

Where and how does it happen?

The workshops can be facilitated online and offline one-on-one or in groups of up to 1,000 people.  

Who can participate?

The workshop is suitable for ages 10+. Students, teachers, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, freelancers, creatives, full-time parents, and people in their retirement can benefit from the experience. The only requirement is an open mind and willingness to trust the process and let go of expectations.

What do participants say?

"I was stuck with my creativity, looking for something inspiring to light up a spark in my life again. When I saw the workshop announced, it just felt right to go. At the beginning it was hard to decide what to do, but that quickly turned around. I was playing and it felt easy, I had ideas and I wanted to make them happen."
Marie, Spain
Cyber Security Specialist
"I need a larger canvas next time because I enjoyed it so much! It was great to unleash my creativity without judgment or expectations!"
Inna, Ukraine
Copy Writer


One-on-one workshop: 40 EUR (materials included)


Group workshops:

2 – 10 people: 30 EUR/person

10 – 20 people: 25 EUR/ person 

Make an inquiry for groups over 20 people for a discounted quote. 

Make an inquiry for a FREE student workshop in your school or college. 

Former clients

Origin Story

The concept was created by Octophina – a Bulgarian abstract artist, self-care strategist, certified Mind Body Eating coach, and mental health educator with background in corporate IT and social entrepreneurship.


Octophina used her creativity to get off the edge of suicide after getting diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 2 and BPD at 32. She combined all techniques, activities, and approaches that helped her recover from suicidal depression and packed them into the Creative Play workshop.


Since 2015 Octophina  has empowered thousands of people on five continents to awaken and channel their own creativity into sustainable self-care habits and healthy stress-management practices .