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Creative Play
Unlock Your Unlimited Creative Power

Hey, I’m Octophina! Welcome to my creative playground.

Get ready for a journey of self-exploration, self-expression, and self-care through creativity.

I invite you to choose your own creative adventure to connect with your authentic emotions, nurture your well-being, and nourish your inner child.

Go down the creative rabbit hole and join me on this exciting journey today!

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Ready to play?

Do you sometimes want to pause the demands of grown-up life and just play like a carefree child? My creative playground is your place to do that.


I’m here to help you awaken, unleash, and activate your creativity, so you can understand and express your emotions easier, care for your body, mind, and soul, and reconnect with your childlike playfulness.


I invite you to explore easy, adaptable, and empowering tools and techniques that can enable you to benefit from your creativity from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.

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Jump on my playground and unlock your unlimited creative power through my individual, group, and corporate Creative Playdates.

Creative Playdates

Doodling Playdates

Capture and express complex inner experiences and emotions with simple visual shapes.

Body Art Playdates 

Reconnect with your body and give it the attention, love, and respect it deserves.

Food Art Playdates

Practice mindful eating and build a harmonious and empowering relationship with food.

Wearable Art Playdates 

Give new life to old clothes and use your outfits as a personal billboard.

Join the Creative Playclub

Connect. Create. Play.

Join the Creative Playclub – an online gym for your creativity, where you can connect with like-minded people, attend immersive creative experiences from the comfort of your home, and access an ever-growing knowledge base of resources for creative inspiration, education, and empowerment.

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